May 29-31, 2015

Colorado Sport Aviation, Inc.
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Colorado Sport Aviation, Inc.

CSA is a Colorado Based 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation whose mission is to promote recreational aviation and Inspire the Pilots of Tomorrow.

Balloon Fest Balloon Glow

Friday evening we light the sky with airplanes, balloons and fireworks!  Following the exciting Twilight Air Show, the balloons will inflate to stand static on the ground towering 75 feet into the sky.  As the sun sinks behind the mountains, the balloons begin to "glow" as the burner flame lights the envelopes from inside.   Made of coated ripstop nylon fabric of all the colors of the rainbow, the balloons light up as giant colorful orbs to the delight of everyone attending.  Weather permitting, once the balloons are stable this is the one time that everyone can come up close to the balloons, talk to the pilots and look closely at the systems!  Always a crowd favorite, we'll look forward to seeing you Friday night at the balloon glow!


"She's A Lady" is the world's cutest seven-story tall ladybug hot air balloon.  Born in 1997, she has appeared in balloon events all over North America.  Belly flopped on a gigantic yellow flower, this enormous green-eyed arthropod is over 70 feet tall and weighs 255 pounds.  Her head is 15 feet in diameter and each of her 9 spots measures 12 feet across! 

Saturday / Sunday Dawn Launch

Get up early and come out to the airport to watch the balloons rise into the early morning skies!  We'll take off at 6:30am Saturday and Sunday mornings to add color to your morning and magical awe to all those who watch!  Will they fly off once they depart Mother Earth or will calm winds allow them to float near you?  We won't know until each morning.  Your admission wristbands will allow you to come and watch the balloons, go home for a quick nap and then return for the excitement of the Air Show...but don't wait too long, come early and beat the traffic!

Enjoy the majestic Planet Earth balloon returning to the Rocky Mountain BalloonFest!  The Planet Earth Balloon is made up of 436 individual sewn cloth panels containing 100% digitally printed images of NASA's world famous "Blue Marble" photographs of Earth. Original photographs taken by the crew of Apollo 17 in 1972 from 28,000 miles above Earth inspired NASA scientists and data visualizers to later create the most detailed true-color images of the Earth's surface ever produced, which were a compilation of various satellite images.  In sharing these images, Discover Balloons hopes the public will join with NASA in its “continuing exploration of our world from the unique perspective of space”.

Also appearing in addition to many colorful balloons is the Tetrahedron balloon and Jon Seay's beautiful handpainted Western Spirit balloon.  Jon owns two of only twelve handpainted balloons in the world and will bring the famous Western Spirit balloon for your enjoyment.  Jon also owns Big Top featuring circus animals.

Please do not smoke near the balloons.


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