• Enter the Adventure Zone™!
    Kids of all ages will enjoy our huge Adventure Zone™!  Conveniently located near the front gate, the Adventure Zone™ provides kids ages 6-17 with a wide variety of opportunities to experience the fun and excitement of aviation.
    Featuring everything from simple hands-on building projects to educational programs and the opportunity to meet real live aerospace personalities, the Adventure Zone™ will captivate the minds of future pilots and fill their thoughts with dreams of the boundless opportunities in aviation.
    The Rocky Mountain Airshow is proud to partner with organizations who share our passion and vision for general aviation to bring fun and educational workstations for kids of all ages.  We have listed many of the opportunities and workshops below.

    Youth Aviation Adventure (YAA) Hands-On Learning Stations
    Aviation in the Know: A "game show" to test your aviation knowledge.
    Powerplants:  Learn about propeller, turboprop, and jet engines.  Sponsored by Redstone College’s Airframe and Powerplant Program.
    Airport Operations:  Watch and listen to air traffic while learning about runway numberings and general airport operations.
    Aerodynamics:  Learn about the aerodynamics of flight and how these principles work to make an airplane able to fly.
    Helicopter Pilot:  See a helicopter up-close and learn about making a living as a helicopter pilot.
    Aviation Emergency Rescue Worker:  Talk to an airport firefighter and see equipment on board a firefighting and rescue truck.
    Careers in Aviation:  Learn about career options in general aviation or the airlines.
    Instruments:  Learn about the functions of aviation instruments and what they all mean. 
    Preflight:  Conduct a preflight inspection of an airplane!
    FPG-9:  Build and fly a 9" Foam Plate Glider and then compete against others in a flying contest.

    Build an Airplane Rib

    Build an actual spruce rib for an airplane wing!  This activity teaches kids how to make a 20-inch wooden wing rib exactly like an airplane builder does using the same material, jigs, and tools required for a full-size rib.
    The “Build An Airplane Rib” activity is led by the Antique Aircraft Association of Colorado (AAAC).  The purpose of the AAAC is to promote the preservation, restoration and flying of antique and classic airplanes and other Flying machines; and to encourage young people to become interested in flying old aircraft.  A major goal of AAAC is to form a core group of young people interested in aviation and mentor them to further their aviation education and goals.  In 2008, the AAAC acquired a 1946 Taylorcraft BC-12D.  Mentors meet with youth on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month to rebuild this airplane.  For more information, contact Jim Sutton (303-775-1690 or email).  Click here to check out their website!

    USGS GPS Course
    Learn about GPS concepts and technology, use a Garmin GPS receiver to navigate a geocache course, and understand why people—from hikers to pilots—are interested in the location of places.
    USGS and NOAA UAS Programs
    Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are not just for the military.  They support peacetime missions for Earth science, as well.  The United States Geological Survey (USGS) is home to the Raven, a small UAS used to evaluate the application of UAS for a variety of Earth science data collection needs.  UAS technology is proving to be a safe and economical way to collect scientific data. 
    The USGS is leading the implementation of UAS technology in support of scientific, resource and land management missions. UAS technology is being made available to monitor environmental conditions, analyze the impacts of climate change, respond to natural hazards, understand landscape change rates and consequences, conduct wildlife inventories support related land management and law enforcement missions. Our ultimate goal is to support informed decision making by creating the opportunity, via UAS technology, to gain access to an increased level of persistent monitoring of earth surface processes (forest health conditions, wildfires, earthquake zones, invasive species, etc.) in areas that have been logistically difficult, cost prohibitive or technically impossible to obtain consistent, reliable, timely information. We are actively working to develop applications of the traditional full motion video capabilities but are engaged in developing sensor capabilities for UAS including- magnetometers, temperature, radio telemetry, chemical and biological gas detection, and gimbal mounted “photogrammetric” cameras.
    Join Mike Hutt and Jeff Sloan, of the USGS UAS Project Office for a discussion of the Raven's capabilities, low-elevation flight operations, and FAA requirements.  Learn about the similarities and differences between flying remote control airplanes as a hobby and unmanned aerial systems as a profession.  Visit the USGS website for more information.
    Fly the Kiddie Hawk
    The Kiddie Hawk Trainer is provided by Kiddie Hawk Air Academy, a non-profit 501(c)(3) qualified organization. Kiddie Hawk introduces children ages 5 thru 11 to flight with the Kiddie Hawk Trainer. The Kiddie Hawk Trainer allows kids to take their first flight lesson with the sophistication of motion and control of real flight, piloting their airplane, albeit just a few feet off the ground.  Kiddie Hawk follows the students as they progress, making scholarships available as Kiddie Hawk pilots enter actual flight training.  The Kiddie Hawk program also introduces youngsters to other aviation related careers.  More information can be found at the Kiddie Hawk Air Academy's website.
    A-7 Corsair Experience
    Have your photo taken in a Restored A-7 Corsair II Cockpit, complete with full flight suit and helmet.  Photo is printed within 30 seconds and is placed in a memory photo sleeve.  For more information, see Dream Big Entertainment.
    Hobby Shops
    Hobby Town USA will bring cast model aircraft, remote control helicopters and airplanes, gliders, aircraft toys, and novelty.
    Remote Control Airplane Clubs
    The Jeffco Flyers RC Club will be out again with remote control aircraft on display.
    Local College Aviation Programs
    Emily Griffith Technical College, Aircraft Maintenance Programs
    Metropolitan State College of Denver, Department of Aviation and Aerospace Science
    Redstone College
    Aviation Organizations for Youth
    Young Eagles – signup for an airplane flight on a future date
    Civil Air Patrol
    Rocky Mountain BEST Robotics
    Rocky Mountain BEST is an annual robotics competition for middle and high school students.  Visit their website for more information on this exciting competition!

    More information will be provided about the exciting oppoortunities in Adventure Zone™ as they become available
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