Air Show Restrictions and Tips - Safety First!

    The Air Show and Fly-In is great family fun and a wonderful way to spend the day enjoying airplanes against the backdrop of a beautiful Colorado sky and the Rocky Mountains. As you pack your things to attend, remember that you will be outdoors all day and exposed to the elements. Please take adequate precautions, which allow for the weather, UV rays, direct and reflected sunlight (and heat), loud jet noise, etc. Children, elderly, handicapped, pregnant women, and anyone taking "photosensitive medications" or having other special needs or sensitivities may be especially vulnerable to the elements.

    While CSA will have first aid teams on site, we respectfully ask everyone who attends the event to use their best judgment to insure themselves a safe, comfortable and fun day. We also ask for your positive energy in hoping for a cool, clear, dry day!


    For your safety and the safety of all event attendees, CSA requires that you follow the rules below when attending the event. CSA reserves the right to remove anyone from the event site at anytime for failure to observe its safety rules.
    • No Weapons Allowed on Site
    • No Smoking Allowed on Site
    • No Pets Allowed on Site - (of course, exception will be made for service animals)
    • Do Not Touch or Climb on Aircraft or Displays - Also, it is YOUR responsibility to keep your children from doing so.
    • Do Not Litter and please pick up after others -- litter can be sucked into aircraft engines and cause damage.

    Suggestions to Make your Day More Enjoyable

    • Stay Aware -- There are often vehicles and machinery moving around public areas such as the static displays. There are also moving aircraft in some areas. Also be aware of where your children are at all times.
    • Come Early & Leave Late -- You will avoid the traffic and have more time to wander around and enjoy all of the vendors and aircraft on static display, take picture and visit with the pilots.
    • Write your Cell Phone Number on your Child's Wristband -- If your child gets lost from you, authorities can call you and arrange where to meet your child.
    • Locate Medical Aid Stations -- Locate aid stations upon your arrival in case you should need to get to them quickly anytime during the day.
    • Bring Lawn Chairs or Blankets -- Bring something to sit or lie down on so you will be comfortable looking up to watch the air show.
    • Bring Sunscreen -- Use suncreen before you leave home and plan to reapply it several times during the day. Beware, you can still get a sun burn on cloudy or hazy days. Don't forget to cover the children! The higher the SPF the better. Also use lip balm with spf protection.
    • Wear Hats and Sunglasses -- Protect your face and eyes from the sun.
    • Bring FM Radios -- You might be able to tune in to a performer or two!
    • ATM's -- ATM's are available onsite.
    • Wear Comfortable Shoes -- You may walk several miles before the day is done.
    • Ask Questions! -- Often aircraft owners or representatives are at the static displays. Most people are very proud of their airplanes and happy to answer your questions.